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The Pulaski Rifle ***SOLD OUT*** 

The Pulaski Rifle was built in a custom gun makers shop in Pulaski County, Tennessee. This fine rifle was contracted by the Confederacy to be built off the 1841 Mississippi pattern rifled Musket. It was manufactured using the Sporter Firearm locks and parts, however it had the look of the Military 1841 Mississippi. It is known that there were approximately 200-500 rifles manufactured.

Manufacturer: L. Romano Rifle Co.

Caliber: .54

Overall Length: 48 3/4 Inches

Barrel Length: 33 Inches

Weight: 5lbs.

Rifling: 5 Lands & Groves

Sights: Blade Front & Semi Buck Horn Rear

Stock: American Black Walnut

Markings: On left side of barrel breech stamped:  PULASKI. T. C.S.A. 61.

Suggested Retail Price: $3295.00