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The Tarpley Carbine was manufactured by the J. & F. Garrett Company in Greensboro, North Carolina for the Confederacy. The carbine was chambered in .52 caliber which is noted in all of the books ever researched and written. Knowing that this carbine was the only carbine to be offered on the civilian market during the Civil War, the L. Romano Rifle Co. knew that it was chambered in .50 caliber. Therefore, Larry built the prototype in .50 caliber. Months later, Larry discovered that there was a Tarpley Carbine at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. He contacted the Firearms Curator. During phone conversations, Dave informed Larry that they had "two" Tarpley Carbines in their possession. It is important to note that the L. Romano Rifle company had built its prototype from photos taken of a Tarpley through a glass display case at the Virginia Historical Society, in Richmond VA months prior. In speaking with Dave from the Smithsonian, Larry had asked if he could measure the bore dimensions on the two Tarpley's. Both Carbines were recorded in the Smithsonian books as .52 calibers. To Dave's surprise, one measured .52 caliber but the second measured at .50 caliber. A historic moment was realized. "But I knew..." Larry Romano.

Manufacturer:  L. Romano Rifle Co.

Mechanism: Steel Breech Block is hinged to the left side of frame.

Frame: Brass

Caliber: .50

Overall Length: 39 Inches

Barrel Length: 22 1/2 Inches

Weight: 7.6lbs.

Rifling: 7 Lands & Groves

Sights: Blade Front & Semi Buck Horn Rear

Stock: American Black Walnut

Suggested Retail Price: $7995.00