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 We make carbon steel custom barrels. Our barrels are made on Pratt & Whitney cut rifling machines that were once used in the Springfield Armory that made barrels for our Troops in World War II.

Our barrels like no others; are STRESS RELIEVED first then DRILLEDREAMED & RIFLED. This guarantees a barrel will NOT move under the heat of shooting.

We offer a large range of Calibres. Everything from .22 Cal to .69 Cal. for the Black Powered Shooter as well as the Smokeless Powder Shooter.

We offer rifled blanks to complete finished barrels.

We make & install barrel LINERS; when the barrel permits.

We can offer a barrel with an OD of 2.375 inch for the serious bench competitor or the overall gun enthusiast.

We offer round & contoured and octagon barrels.

We offer rates of twist from (1 in 9) to (1 in 72).

We offer 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Lands & Groves and can cut any desired depth. 

The L. Romano Rifle Company's quality of work that goes into his Custom Guns; also goes into his Custom Barrel & Liner manufacturing process.

Call Larry at the shop for pricing at 315-695-2066 or
Email: romanorifle@msn.com

If anyone has a .44 or .45 LC Henry Rifle, .50 Smith Carbine, .50 or.36 Maynards, .50 Gallaghers Carbine, .58 Muskatoons & Muskets or any of your Black Powder Firearms that do not shoot well...contact us at (315) 695-2066 or email romanorifle@msn.com and we will put a liner in it and "we can solve that problem..." - Larry Romano