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Larry Romano Jr. - Owner
Master Gunsmith & Custom Gun Builder

Email: romanorifle@msn.com

Romano firearms are created on the finest state of the art equipment, and should not be confused with poor quality production line guns. Our receivers, bolts, and bolt carriers are fully machined from solid 8620 steel. In addition, all lock parts are also fully machined out of high quality tool steel and heat-treated to exact standards. We build premium grade custom barrels which are drilled, reamed and rifled using our Pratt-Whitney Cut Riflers at the Romano Rifle Co. This gives our customers the finest accuracy and quality available. Color case hardening the traditional way insures the beautiful rich colors and hues that one deserves, and should expect in a fine historically accurate firearm.

The Romano Rifle Co. unites the marriage of fine steel to the beautiful wood that has long been the hallmark of quality firearms of the L. Romano Rifle Co. Inc., Not only does Larry use select grade and straight grain American walnut for making the stocks, but also offers the customer several wood options to further personalize any firearm. Master gunsmith and craftsman Larry Romano custom fits and finishes all stocks to the original colors of the period for each historical reproduction and personally oversees every detail of production on these magnificent guns in his facility in the heart of Central New York. Every component of a Romano Rifle is 100% American made as befits the spirit of firearms ownership.

To further compliment the fine craftsmanship of a Romano firearm, we are proud to offer custom engraving by Stephen Olin. Stephen employs the time honored chasing, technique in the nimschke style to add beauty and value to our firearms. Stephen’s engraving is for those who want only the very best in quality, detail, and historical accuracy.            

Federal Firearms License, Manufacturing License, NYS Dealer & Gunsmith License

Thank You For Your Interest In My Company! 

Larry Romano Jr., President - romanorifle@msn.com