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L. Romano Rifle Co. provides a variety of restorations services and a full line of gunsmithing on antique and modern firearms. We have a variety of original parts for replacements. Original parts will be used as long as they are available.

GunSmithing &  Restoration Services

Refinishing: Hot Bluing & Belgium Bluing

Belgium Bluing - Soft Soldered Double Barrel Shot Guns

US Military Parkerizing

Color Case Hardening

Gun Stock Making & Refinishing

All Types of General Repairs: Antique & Modern

Appraisals & Estates

Firearm Transfers on Handguns & Long Guns

L. Romano Rifle Co. buys & sells used firearms - Old & New

For additional information and pricing call the shop at (315) 695-2066 or
Email me at romanorifle@msn.com